Guimaras Zip Code and Area Code

LocationZip CodeArea Code
Nueva Valencia504633
San Lorenzo504733

About Guimaras

Known around the world for its sweet and juicy Mangoes, Guimaras is the Mango Capital of the Philippines. Since 1993, locals celebrate the Manggahan Festival in remembrance of their province’s founding and thanksgiving for the abundant Mango harvest. Also celebrated are Guimaras’ cashews. Tourists who love to experiment with their taste, particularly enjoy the Mango Pizza.

Cited in numerous historical books and accounts are the marvel of foreigners towards the skills of the early Guimarasnon’s ship-making, and the scenic beauty of the island. Once part of the province of Iloilo, Guimaras was converted into an individual province after the plebiscite conducted in the 1990s.

Politicians Samuel Gumarin and Teofisto Guingona Sr., and model Sofie Garrucho were born on the island of Guimaras.

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