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Aurora Zip Code and Area Code

LocationZip CodeArea Code
Maria Aurora320242
San Luis320142

About Aurora

As the “Land of the Golden Sunrise,” Aurora is said to be the best place to wake up at dawn for a glimpse of the sunrise. It is also considered the gateway to the Pacific because of its 410-km coastline bordering the Pacific Ocean. Waterscapes are enjoyed by visiting the Dicasalarin Cove, Sabang Beach, Diguisit Beach, Cemento Beach, and Ampere Beach.

In the 18th century, a tsunami had shaken the people of Baler. In remembrance of this event, the Ermita Hill has the Tromba Marina Statue that depicts the journey towards the safety of the survivors.

Manuel L. Quezon, a celebrated former president of the Philippines and Edgardo Angara, former president of the University of the Philippines and former Senate President, was born in Aurora.

Official website: aurora.gov.ph

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