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Navotas Zip Code and Area Code

LocationZip CodeArea Code
Fish Market14112
Isla De Cocomo14122
Kapitbahayan East14132
Kaunlaran Village14092

About Navotas

As the country’s Commercial Fishing Hub, Navotas is the largest fish port in Southeast Asia and third largest in Asia. Navotas used to be part of Malabon and it was believed that a portion of land was eaten away by the sea, forming a natural waterway, the currently known Navotas River. This had caused the people to refer to the venue as “nayon ng butas” or “nabutas” which means “pierced through”. It was also known as Hacienda de Navotas and was owned by Dominican Friars until the American regime when it was sold to the Pascual Family.

From Navotas are Gerald Santos, Beauty queen Wendy Valdez and Miss Tourism International 2017 Jannie Loudette Alipo-on. The Sangbinhi Theatre and Dance Repertoire is a performing arts group based in Navotas.

When in Navotas, people usually visit the Obando Church, San Roque Parish Church, Navotas Centennial Park and San Bartolome Parish Church. Pulo Island, a marine tree park, can be found in Tanza, Navotas.

Official website: navotas.gov.ph

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